NEWS:   Launch of Plabesk Home as 3G settings + core serivces for all telecom operators in Pakistan using short code messaging

Plabesk Home

Plabesk Home is network software infrastructure stack for Mobile Network Operators, which include all the essentials services such as Contact Book, Call Log, VOIP Calling, Messaging, etc. and every app is integrated with every existing app and any new app can be developed consuming these applications, moreover every app is available for every platform to give MNO greater reach beyond the mobile devices and make user data accessible and usable an SDK (Software Development Kit) is there to expand existing applications and / or to build new products and services.


Global Text Messaging Software

Unlock access to billions of mobile phones around the world. Send SMS to over 200 countries and 800 carriers. Get your own virtual numbers in many markets.

5 Billion Mobiles Globally

Build apps that send and receive SMS using phone numbers and short/long codes. Let friends say hello, tell customers their packages are delivered or alert employees that a shift is ready. The API enables users to communicate with your app or chat with one another; your code decides.