3G / 4G Service Pack

Service Packs are open source initiative and designed to serve ever changing needs of digital era. It offers enormous potential for both consumers and industry and in addition to being considerably leveraging faster data connection including 3G / 4G / 5G technologies, Service Pack(s) holds the promise of applications with high social and economic value, leading to connected society.
It is different to traditional GSM mobile technology and is being defined more as an ecosystem by making best use of higher data-rate services. This is a new OTT network interface required to be defined to meet the requirements of some of the higher-speed, lower-latency use cases. However, the Service Pack ecosystem provides multi-access connectivity that can make opportunistic use of data centric networks, Wi-Fi and LPWA technologies such as Narrowband-IoT. Many of the technical advancements required to fulfil the Network 2.0 vision already form part of the network innovations being undertaken by operators today. And Service Pack(s) provides foundation platform for the evolution and future growth of ecosystem.
Service Pack(s) are used for an array of new and exciting use cases in areas such as RCS (Rich Communication Services), automating cloud integrated service, immersive internet and more.


Global Reach

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Simple and Effective Software

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Short Codes and Long Codes

When you need high-throughput messaging, buy a short code and send SMS at rates up to 30 messages per second. Because your texts are coming from a single number or masked with your brand name, customers will instantly remember your brand.